Survive An Affair

by T. Edwards on January 25, 2011


When you find out that the man that you love, that you’ve shared your inner most self with, and have built a life with has had an affair, you might feel like the world is coming to an end. At the very least, you will wish that it was. You will question the world that you live in, and everyone in it. It’s very common to feel that everyone has been lying to you, that everybody knows about the affair, and that you were the last to know.

You will feel humiliated, and betrayed. You’ll feel like you don’t know what is real in your life, because you thought that the love that you shared, and the relationship that you had with your man was real. If the person closest to you can lie to you, if he could betray your trust and confidence in such a painful matter, then who can you believe in? What does this mean for your romantic life in the future?

Most of all, you’ll feel inadequate, and ashamed. You will probably feel that if your man didn’t want to stick around, or be faithful to you, then who would? These are all natural emotions that you will feel once you’ve found out that your man has had an affair. But after the smoke and dust has cleared a bit, you will start to wonder if you can in fact survive an affair? And if you feel that you want to fight for your marriage, then you will wonder if you can get past all of the painful emotions, and if your marriage can survive an affair?

The answer to that question is that yes, a marriage can in fact survive an affair. But there are things that need to take place, and one has to take a long inventory of their inner resources, the resources and the advantages of the marriage, and decide that it’s in the best interest of the martial home to save it. So just how can a couple find their way back to each other after an affair? And how can you survive an affair, with your heart mended, and your dignity intact?

There is no doubt that before the martial couple can find their way back to each other, they’ll need some separation time to work on themselves. It might come as a large surprise to some women that they need to work on themselves. However, part of the healing is taking stock in oneself. While there’s never a good excuse for someone to betray someone in a way such as in an affair, no one is perfect. Looking inward is a very important step to surviving an affair.

One of the first steps to healing for a woman that has been cheated on by her husband, is to take stock in the areas that she might have been lacking. It’s easy to lick at one’s wounds, but it takes a enormous amount of strength and courage to take a personal inventory, and take a look at the areas that might have been lacking, or that might have created marital disharmony. This is a very humbling step, but it’s one that is needed in order to survive an affair.

There will be other steps to take in order to survive an affair, such as counseling visits, and long and painful conversations. One might accomplish all of these, and then decide that the marriage is unable to be salvaged. However, whether one decides to restore the marriage, or to end the marriage, it is very possible to survive an affair. One will find that they will come out on the other side so much stronger, and self aware.

What a person needs to do for themselves after surviving an affair is a very delicate and private topic. It’s a decision that will require lots of thought, introspection, and professional advice and counseling. This isn’t something that should be considered alone. However, once a decision is made, one should stick to it, and feel good about themselves in the end.

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